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At ChangeIS, we take change challenges and turn them into stepping stones for success.
Say goodbye to complexity, headaches, and risks in digital transformation, and embrace simplicity, ease, and safety.
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Non-Executive Director

  • Operational IT

  • Operational Governance

  • Operational Maturity

Experienced Architect

  • Distributed Systems

  • Orchestration

  • Telemetry

Seasoned Professional

  • Security

  • DevOps - Operational IT

  • Data Analytics - AI/ML


I've seen a business sentiment prevalent in my senior advisory roles: people view change as risky, daunting, and complex.In response, I built the Change framework – an innovative, step-by-step system that organizes, simplifies, and packages change.My mission is clear; to guide your journey in mastering digital transformation, turning change risk into a competitive advantage.

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Success Sketch

The next step focuses on solution creation, which is equal parts planning and development. To succeed we use the Back of the Napkin reports to create both a solution and action plan.In our next step, we map the business goals we found to specific outcomes and package them. More importantly how to measure success as we take the steps to deliver this result.Both the outcomes and the success criteria are results driven. Your action plan is segmented into milestones and can be tracked in an agile manner. Each step has a sign-off and acceptance designed to be automated as much as possible.Again we leverage ChangeIS methodology and use another product myPlan to package the results. The results from the Back of the Napkin report are combined to show what tools we can use to package and deploy your solution.myPlan organizes those plans and packages and builds install documentation. The result is:1. An action plan setup with specific milestones or checkpoints, managed with an easy to use tracking plan
2. Milestones that rely on testing and audit and checkpoint software to ensure health as deployment proceeds
3. Packages that deliver those milestones organized into a specific solution result

Delivery Portfolio

The final step is delivery and operations which is also is a packaged result.Building from the previous two stages Back of the Napkin and Success Sketch, we deploy the solution, test it, and then build up monitoring and best practice procedures to manage the solution for your environment.For this step we ChangeIS methods and our next product, opsCraft. This product takes a given package and tests the support, monitoring, install, uninstall procedures.opsCraft validates deployments and captures the results. It compares the signoff tests against expected results from the Success Sketch. Finally, it combines all of this and builds your deployment packet containing:1. Validated deployment results including the automated testing and signoff
2. Updated Operations Manual on your solution
3. Recommended monitoring and operations best practices and tools

About Me

Wayne brings more than 30 years of industry experience in distributed systems, in key delivery roles spanning operations, development, engineering, IT management, and consultancy.He has worked in Investment Banks such as Morgan Stanley, SMBC, and Nomura Securities, financial/insurance companies such as Fidelity and Insurance such as AIG, as well as working in Security Technology firms such as Tanium.Combining this, he provides a consultancy and delivery based on an integration disciplines such as DevOps, Security, Infrastructure, and Testing/Analysis based Continuous Delivery.His views on infrastructure, service management, service delivery, software development, and general design are tempered from his tenure at Insurance, Financial, Security, and Consultancy firms.